Students were asked to consider their personal experience of CONTAINMENT, LOCKDOWN, and ISOLATION as an opportunity to develop critical artwork relevant to the world we are all experiencing today. What this may look and feel like, how might you build awareness of the ordinary and perhaps find something extraordinary where some questions posed to reflect upon. For three weeks they engaged in daily practice, recording aspects of their everyday ending with a sequence or series of images that addressed their experience of time standing still and changing all at once. They kept all their sketches, reflections, and artworks in an e-journal the shared weekly with their peers. This work was created during virtual learning. Click on images below to enlarge.


My concept was to show how the night started with many people outside and slowly overnight when people started to go back into their homes to stay safe and how in one night the whole dynamic of the outside world changed.This concept is definitely exaggerates time as obviously the world did not change this quickly, but I wanted to highlight time a lot as out world did completely flip upside down in a pretty short span.


For this work I drew pictures of things on my bed and made a sequence out of it. This video represents the background while we are quarientied because of co-vid19.


I wanted to make people aware of the significance of social distancing. This was presented by increasing the distance between the four characters in the video. Also, I wished to suggest several ways to still contact with close people by lessening the distance while using digital devices.


This work addresses things I miss right now. Such as no more COVID-19 and AISC. 



My whole idea is that the things I miss, people I miss, and the activities I miss, they are all connected into 1 chain showing how they are far but yet not apart. If you see my final project, you will see 4 crumbled papers, also if you look at my processes of crumbling the papers, you will see a word in the middle of the paper. These words represent the things, people I miss a lot.



My concept is how Social Distancing and isolation, as a result, have changed our daily life, focusing on the idea of abnormality to ordinary. 


Something that I have developed over the past 4 weeks is creating artworks using dolls and toys from my house. As the two previous works I created under the concept of isolation were also made with dolls



The idea of a series that depicts stillness and change during our time in quarantine is the direction I want to take with this project. Much like the series prompt that we did before I would like to explore something that is both constrained but changing.



This is a representation of my response to different prompts in my daily practice the series of works I did over a four week period. 


It was interesting making artworks about quarantine because it’s unfamiliar but we all are experiencing. I think it was a good way to reflect and share how we’re going through hard times.



My overall concept was that I wanted to show the mood of Isolation in quarantine, represented through the space around me. I used materiality to further deepen this meaning and show more emotion. My materiality was very basic and simple to show how the illustrations were made with only the things you can find in your house when your locked in it. All have the same technique and marking type, with harsh and continuous lines to show how these days are hard and never-ending. Also shows the frustration I’m experiencing


I want to communicate the different feeling that people have about quarantine. For example what happen when people are tired. I also saw a metaphor of people who are trying to “escape” from their quarantine ignoring the consequence of their action.


This is a representation of my response to different prompts in my daily practice the series of works I did over a four week period.