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Title: 8

DISCIPLINE: Digital, Adobe Illustrator

Materials: Printed paper


The work has collection of characters from my picture book “Start”. From the story, each unique shape of bodies with letters representing each characteristics. Every character’s contribution and encouragement are crucial to cheer up standard-shaped character, as we need these 8 letters to make phrase “GOOD LUCK”. 


Title: Start


Materials: Sketch paper, Origami paper, Pencil, Chopstick, String


The picture book reveals the turning point of events that changed my unconfident and low self-esteem. The story takes place in a classroom with enthusiastic students, and how they are shaped represents uniqueness. This emphasizes the existence of one standard-shaped character that represents me. Throughout the story, the changes are shown by a bud which represents the growth and newness of my own uniqueness. This is the start of seeding confidence in myself.


Title: Raining for Thrive 

DISCIPLINE: Sculpture 

Materials: Clay


This sculpture work is composed of letters GOOD LUCK, in two different juxtapositions. The random parts and fixed-orders parts are together indicating how single words come to create the phrase naturally. “Raining for thrive” has a link to the character from the ending of the picture book “Start", as a side story. Like the rain involved in the growth of buds, and plants, the letters expand and spread around the space as rain contributes to the growth of character.