Title: Lettres de famille 

DISCIPLINE: Digital media

Materials: Adobe Illustrator 

Description: I called my artwork “Lettres de famille” (Family’s letter), it forms a pun in french. I used to play Scrabble with my family when I was younger. Here, the concept was to define my family from my point of view. Each family is different depending on the culture and thus I wanted to express to viewers what a french family looks like. I incorporated the french flag and wrote the words of the set in French to enhance my culture without stereotyping it.

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 8.25.27 PM.png

itle: What is the definition of your family? 

DISCIPLINE: Digital media

Materials: Adobe Illustrator and Laser cutting 


Description: “What is the definition of your family?” is a collaborative artwork, and as the title suggests the viewers need to define their family using only one word. The word family indicates the starting point; such as the 2D artwork that you have in front of you, it is based on the Scrabble game. With the 136 pieces available to you, you will assemble a word and place it according to the other words placed by the other viewers. 


Title: Tennis Tap


Materials: Acrylic 


Description: This artwork reflects on Fragments of Self. Throughout this work, I wanted to represent the sport that is an important part of my life, tennis. It shows the reproduction of a tennis movement, a forehand, that I'm used to doing in matches. My self-portrait was intentionally placed on the right to have room to illustrate all the movement, and thus indicate my expressions and body placement. The background is the surface I like to play on the most, the clay. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 9.58.32 PM.png
Timeo Dance.gif

Title: Revival 

DISCIPLINE:  Animation 

Materials: Digital - Adobe Photoshop

Video: 33s

Description: Before my expatriation, I used to see dance performances in Paris since my family and I love to see this. Inspired by these experiences I decided to represent the career of a star dancer illustrated by the atmosphere of my animation, space, the moon and the stars. When the ball explodes, a "flash" appears. Then a phoenix emerges, it symbolizes the dancer who rises from his ashes; it is his second life which begins...