Title: The Lazy Motivation

DISCIPLINE:  Digital Drawings 

Materials: Digital drawing tablet and a drawing software. 

DESCRIPTION/CONCEPT (500 characters including spaces)

This is a double exposure 3d artwork. This means that if the artwork is viewed through one colored film the image seen is different from that when seen through a different colored film. This artwork shows different parallels to my life. These parallels were most noticeable to me during the Covid lockdown. It should be how a highly ambitious and motivated person like me could be so lethargic. This was a contrast is explored through this artwork.

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 9.43.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 9.36.24 PM.png

Title: Stereo-Caste #2

DISCIPLINE:  Installation 

Materials: Digital Art table, Adobe Illustrator, Acrylic, Laser-cutter and After effects.

Video: 5:34

This artwork is a representation of caste system that rooted deep into the Indian culture. This work also ties into my identity and my role as an Indian. The text is a representations of conversations with Uber, cab and auto drivers throughout Chennai. It is brings attention to the stereotypes that are placed on these people as they are tied down and oppressed by the caste system. This artwork request you to talk to your cab or auto drivers and wee that they are same as anyone of us.

Title: Break Through

DISCIPLINE:  Animation

Materials: Digital tablet and animation software.

Video: Duration (0.17s)

This frame-by-frame animation is a display of my identity of being a Christian in India. The artwork shows several symbols of my faith represented in the form of a baby angel, a white dove, and a Christmas tree. My Indian culture/identity is seen through the tears of the angel as it drips orange, white, and green. The artwork is connected back to me when the face of the angel breaks revealing my face.