Title: SHY


Materials: clay, laser cutter, projector, adobe illustrator, glaze

The word “SHY” is in a very large size because it’s a burden for me, it takes up space in my life. The chain connected to the word shows that it is like a prison ball for me, it accentuates the fact that I have to live with it and it’s hard to get rid of it. The haikus represent my feeling about being shy, to explain it to the audience. There are two superimposed times in this work, the present with the letters intact, and the future with the debris on the ground to represent what I want to be

Jade unit 1 .gif

Title: Unconventional

DISCIPLINE: 2D animated

Materials: adobe photoshop

Video: 48s


My idea was to realize a funny story with a childish side. The meaning is however more complex because it relates to my general theme: identity. The dragon symbolizes the obstacles and my fears. The horse represents me, while the mouse is what I would like to be. Being able to conquer and overcome my fears. The title speaks of the fact that it is unthinkable that a mouse can defeat a dragon. However, she manages to do so thanks to her courage (superpowers), while the horse flees.