I explored the idea of containment through my experiences of a mother-daughter relationship, personal identity, and the pandemic due to Covid-19. My inspirations came from personal histories in relation to containment. I used my art to explore both the protective and restraining aspects of containment, which often evokes strong emotions and frustration. I have used various mediums for my artworks to express my thematic focus of containment, they include charcoal drawing, acrylic painting, storytelling with video, ceramics, and embroidery.

Artist Rationale in Full 


TItle: Mother


Discipline: Video



This body of work is influenced by Measures of Distance(1988) by Mona Hatoum. This video consists of images and videos of my mother doing needlework and her workspace. I overlapped those imageries with text in Korean from letters and cards my mother wrote to me since when I was young to represent my nationality and conversation between my mother and I.