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My body of work explores the opposing pull between the ideal and the present, ‘actual’ version of myself. It serves as documentation of the state of mind that I have been in for the past two years. The temporary and subsequently permanent physical isolation during this period has served as a basis for the particular focus on a facet of my ideals concerning the loss and ensuing desire to construct and recreate social connections. This is challenged by reality and my preferred tendencies of actual-self that make my versions of the perceived ideal inaccessible. Artist Rationale in Full 

Walk With Me


This short animated film reflects my experiences with managing a social anxiety-fueled conflict with self-constructed expectations. The story focuses on 

a figure who isolates himself yet displays tenderness towards others. It explores what happens when that self-imposed confinement is broken and an opportunity to attain his wants to construct and recreate social connections is presented.

Discipline: 2D animation, 3D animation, Digital compositing, SFX, Foley

3840 X 2160 px

Duration: 5:00 minutes

please leave the lights off

\This render depicts abandoned hand-like structures with the model of the apartment that I am currently living in Korea as its backdrop. The hands are extended towards but are unable to reach the marbles. The phrases that are being projected onto the apartment have been taken from my notes written during the latter half of the year 2021. 

Discipline: 3D modeling, Digital compositing

Size: 1920 X 1920 px

Duration: 1:00 minute